‘Chained’ Release Date and Greetings from Germany

Here it is! The front cover of the Chained album, due to be released by Inverse Records on January 12, 2018. All artwork by Petri Lampela. There will be an appetizer available soon.


So, what’s happening meanwhile? Well, after a busy-ish spring and summer we’re finally going to concentrate on writing some new songs. Our small trip to Germany was a great success, and it definitely gave us the boost to keep doing our thing. As mentioned earlier, we played at a metal bar called Heavy Duty in Dresden on October 14. Everything didn’t go as planned (luggage delayed, no time for soundcheck, forgot backdrop in the hostel…), but we were absolutely stoked about getting the warmest welcome from a house literally FULL of metalheads! We can’t wait to go back to Germany, hopefully for a bit longer visit next time. Thanks for organizing this popup gig belong to Anett Rüger and Starless Aeon!

Photo by James Kerstel