History repeating

Hello, friends. How are you doin’?

Life is a peculiar bitch to wrestle with. Sometimes it takes too much to give it a hard enough kick in the groin. Sometimes there are just too many threads to hold. Those are the times when you need to stop, have a breather and hold your horses.

For our beloved guitarist Jouni the time to have his breather is now. That is why he is now stepping down from his post for undetermined time, to concentrate on the most important things. And that is why we as a band and as his brothers want to grant him this chance. Take it easy, bro. Take your time.

So, we will need a substitute guitarist. Preparations for the album #2 are still going on. But that’s an issue we’ll talk about later. Right now, we want all of you to join us giving a big hand to Jouni for having the balls to act before it’s too late. This is courage, folks. 👊🤘