Second album ready, to be released in the late-summer of 2021

We finished recordings of our long-awaited second album at the turn of the year. And what a rollercoaster this process of getting the album ready has been… phew. It took us 2,5 years and consisted of line-up changes, setbacks, changes with schedules, and everything else in between. But, at long last, we pulled it off.

The album was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mikko Herranen, a renown influencer in Finnish music industry. His invaluable talent really found its place during the process when there was a need of whipping our corona-softened butts.

But, as they say, there’s no gain without a little bit of pain. The album turned out to be about a zillion times better as we had hoped for. More melodic, groovier, catchier, and, most of all, it’s going to present many new sides to Khiral’s music. And you’re gonna hear it first in the form of a single or two, and the album itself in the late-summer.

With the new album we hope to gain a bigger variety of listeners and of course, we hope to be able to play the new songs live to as many people as possible.

The album will be published by Puuma Records. Name and cover art of the album will be revealed later this spring. 😉