Line-up changes…

There have been a couple changes in Khiral’s line-up recently. These things, as nasty they are when they happen, are sometimes inevitable. And as some of you may have noticed, this has unfortunately been the case with Khiral for the past few years.

Now, at least we hope so, we have a steady and functional line-up that will endure every breeze and s**tstorm there is to fall upon us. 😉

First, after we had finished recording the upcoming album, we parted ways with our guitarist Tommi, who was replaced with Tuomas Kulomaa. Tuomas also shreds with Six Inch.

Then, more recently, our session drummer Ville had to quit Khiral for personal reasons. On his throne sat Tom Aho, who hits the beats also with Rotting Corpses.

So, now it seems like we have a line-up that’s gonna blow the socks off your goddamn feet once we get to hit the stages!!!! \,,/