Painter of Fates released!!!

Our first single from our upcoming second album is now out!!! “Painter of Fates” was released on April 23rd by Puuma Records and can now be listened to on every major streaming service. Click on the links below to listen to the song on the platform of your choice:



Apple Music:

“Painter of Fates” cover, designed by Petri Lampela @

Painter of Fates is a story of a human’s belief that he or she can always influence his or her own destiny. A person blindly believes in this eternal power to decide, and in a way the person indeed is the only one responsible for his/her own success in life.

The coin, however, has two sides: on the one hand, the individual paints just one destiny, but at the same time the individual’s actions may also affect other people in interaction with him/her, either directly or indirectly.

The latter side of the coin is quite happily forgotten by modern-day people in their quest for their own utopia.