Germans can jump

In November 2018 Khiral came to a deal with a German record label Heathen Tribes Records. The Germans will publish Khiral’s album #2 in 2019, and needless to say that both parties are more than enthusiastic about this!!!

With the new line-up, the next album will be the purest IT, so stay with us!!!! \,,/


Lineup complete

Hello there, fellow clansmen and -women! They say it snows in death metallers’ hell, and so it does in Helsinki too. But let’s not let that bother us, ’cause here, folks, is our new axeman. Say hi to Tommi Kinnunen!!! He’s played in Blackedge and several other bands before this, knows how to shred, compose and has equally low-rated humor with us, so he’s the guy for us. Big hand!!! 🤘

Now we can continue with full steam towards recording the Khiral album #2!!! 👊

History repeating

Hello, friends. How are you doin’?

Life is a peculiar bitch to wrestle with. Sometimes it takes too much to give it a hard enough kick in the groin. Sometimes there are just too many threads to hold. Those are the times when you need to stop, have a breather and hold your horses.

For our beloved guitarist Jouni the time to have his breather is now. That is why he is now stepping down from his post for undetermined time, to concentrate on the most important things. And that is why we as a band and as his brothers want to grant him this chance. Take it easy, bro. Take your time.

So, we will need a substitute guitarist. Preparations for the album #2 are still going on. But that’s an issue we’ll talk about later. Right now, we want all of you to join us giving a big hand to Jouni for having the balls to act before it’s too late. This is courage, folks. 👊🤘

A new guy on the stick.

Hey, people! You know who this is??? Say hi to Sami Lehtonen, our new guitarist!!! Sami has played in several bands before Khiral, has a twisted sense of humour and as you can see, a respectfully sized bicep. 💪 So he fits in like front hair on a pig. Big hand, folks!!! 🤘

Lineup change

We have an announcement to give you. 03.11.2018 we threw our last gig with our guitarist and founding member Matti ‘Masa’ Hämäläinen. Masa has been with Khiral all the way from the beginning since 2008, and will now step down from his post to continue with new challenges in his life.

This is life. There’s no bad blood, and we will remain good friends. Khiral will continue forward and a new guitarist will be introduced when time is right.

We want to thank Matti for all his work, contribution and dedication to Khiral, all the gigs we’ve played with him and all those fine moments we’ve had and wish him a prosperous journey.
Big hand, people!!!! 🤘👊

‘STAIN’ Single Released

STAIN single from our upcoming album ‘Chained’ (Inverse Records) now available for streaming:

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jaakko Eskelinen at Soundwell Studio (Espoo, Finland) in Jul-Aug 2017
Cover art by Petri Lampela

‘Chained’ Release Date and Greetings from Germany

Here it is! The front cover of the Chained album, due to be released by Inverse Records on January 12, 2018. All artwork by Petri Lampela. There will be an appetizer available soon.


So, what’s happening meanwhile? Well, after a busy-ish spring and summer we’re finally going to concentrate on writing some new songs. Our small trip to Germany was a great success, and it definitely gave us the boost to keep doing our thing. As mentioned earlier, we played at a metal bar called Heavy Duty in Dresden on October 14. Everything didn’t go as planned (luggage delayed, no time for soundcheck, forgot backdrop in the hostel…), but we were absolutely stoked about getting the warmest welcome from a house literally FULL of metalheads! We can’t wait to go back to Germany, hopefully for a bit longer visit next time. Thanks for organizing this popup gig belong to Anett Rüger and Starless Aeon!

Photo by James Kerstel