Alexander Kuoppala (ex-CoB) joins Khiral!

Our fellow axeman Tuomas Kulomaa’s stay with Khiral ended short, as he had to focus on his private life. Thus we were once again in a familiar situation, looking for a new guitarist. Luckily, sometimes the past lends the future a helping hand, and in this occassion in form of ex-Children of Bodom guitarist Alexander Kuoppala.

So, with no persuation needed and one rehearsal having taken place it was obvious our new guitarist had been found. Alexander brings into Khiral his unique experience, playing skills and vision, all of these surely being a huge asset to us in the future. Welcome Ale!!!

Alexander Kuoppala (ex-Children of Bodom, Thyrargo, ex-Valonkantajat)

Painter of Fates released!!!

Our first single from our upcoming second album is now out!!! “Painter of Fates” was released on April 23rd by Puuma Records and can now be listened to on every major streaming service. Click on the links below to listen to the song on the platform of your choice:



Apple Music:

“Painter of Fates” cover, designed by Petri Lampela @

Painter of Fates is a story of a human’s belief that he or she can always influence his or her own destiny. A person blindly believes in this eternal power to decide, and in a way the person indeed is the only one responsible for his/her own success in life.

The coin, however, has two sides: on the one hand, the individual paints just one destiny, but at the same time the individual’s actions may also affect other people in interaction with him/her, either directly or indirectly.

The latter side of the coin is quite happily forgotten by modern-day people in their quest for their own utopia.

Line-up changes…

There have been a couple changes in Khiral’s line-up recently. These things, as nasty they are when they happen, are sometimes inevitable. And as some of you may have noticed, this has unfortunately been the case with Khiral for the past few years.

Now, at least we hope so, we have a steady and functional line-up that will endure every breeze and s**tstorm there is to fall upon us. 😉

First, after we had finished recording the upcoming album, we parted ways with our guitarist Tommi, who was replaced with Tuomas Kulomaa. Tuomas also shreds with Six Inch.

Then, more recently, our session drummer Ville had to quit Khiral for personal reasons. On his throne sat Tom Aho, who hits the beats also with Rotting Corpses.

So, now it seems like we have a line-up that’s gonna blow the socks off your goddamn feet once we get to hit the stages!!!! \,,/

Second album ready, to be released in the late-summer of 2021

We finished recordings of our long-awaited second album at the turn of the year. And what a rollercoaster this process of getting the album ready has been… phew. It took us 2,5 years and consisted of line-up changes, setbacks, changes with schedules, and everything else in between. But, at long last, we pulled it off.

The album was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mikko Herranen, a renown influencer in Finnish music industry. His invaluable talent really found its place during the process when there was a need of whipping our corona-softened butts.

But, as they say, there’s no gain without a little bit of pain. The album turned out to be about a zillion times better as we had hoped for. More melodic, groovier, catchier, and, most of all, it’s going to present many new sides to Khiral’s music. And you’re gonna hear it first in the form of a single or two, and the album itself in the late-summer.

With the new album we hope to gain a bigger variety of listeners and of course, we hope to be able to play the new songs live to as many people as possible.

The album will be published by Puuma Records. Name and cover art of the album will be revealed later this spring. 😉

Things are proceeding…

Alrighty then, time for a small update on how things are going with our upcoming album #2.

First of all, the album is going to be late from its original schedule. As you may remember, the plan was to release the album by the end of this year. However, mainly due to our line-up changes at the turn of the year, we kind of had to re-invent ourselves. The playing styles of our “new” guitarists Sami and Tommi are quite a lot different from those of Matti and Jouni, so along with rehearsing the old songs with the guys and adapting to their way of playing the entire sound of Khiral was developed into something new.

Second, all bands have their own ways of putting new material together, and the Khiral way of doing it also went through big changes. Now that both guitarists were composing songs in their own respective manners, we were in a situation where we hadn’t been before: writing songs at our training pad! How far should a song be finished in composer’s head before bringing the idea to the rest of the band? Would the rest of the band participate in arranging the structure and how much? What also puzzled the band’s collective mind was to avoid directly copying the first album’s style but to create something fresh instead. There was no need to follow certain lines intentionally even though they would be respected.

Third, we also wanted to drive the new guitarists in for live situations. So we played a few gigs in the spring to introduce our axemen to public.

Fourth, we’ve been extremely busy with our private lives and daytime jobs. All of us would, of course, like to make our bread out of music and do this for living, but as long as the situation isn’t like that… well, you know what we mean. Sometimes many things happen at the same time and block each other.

But we’re getting there. We don’t want to make promises that we might not be able to hold on to, so let’s just say that things are well at hand and the album will see the light of day relatively soon. And, what’s really cool is that the title and the cover of the upcoming album are ready. 🙂

Also, we have a very talented and recognized person to be announced that will be working as our producer/recording man. 😉

So keep up with us, as there will be very cool things happening in Kamp Khiral in the near future! \,,/

HBD Tuomo!

When people get older and they got gray in the hair,

only thing that they can think that “It’s not fair!”.

But you will drive with electric wheelchair

and tell to every one “Oh, yes I dare!”.

And the days go by and some people get older and some don’t.

So, on behalf of the band: HBD our own electric spark!


Lineup complete

Hello there, fellow clansmen and -women! They say it snows in death metallers’ hell, and so it does in Helsinki too. But let’s not let that bother us, ’cause here, folks, is our new axeman. Say hi to Tommi Kinnunen!!! He’s played in Blackedge and several other bands before this, knows how to shred, compose and has equally low-rated humor with us, so he’s the guy for us. Big hand!!! 🤘

Now we can continue with full steam towards recording the Khiral album #2!!! 👊

History repeating

Hello, friends. How are you doin’?

Life is a peculiar bitch to wrestle with. Sometimes it takes too much to give it a hard enough kick in the groin. Sometimes there are just too many threads to hold. Those are the times when you need to stop, have a breather and hold your horses.

For our beloved guitarist Jouni the time to have his breather is now. That is why he is now stepping down from his post for undetermined time, to concentrate on the most important things. And that is why we as a band and as his brothers want to grant him this chance. Take it easy, bro. Take your time.

So, we will need a substitute guitarist. Preparations for the album #2 are still going on. But that’s an issue we’ll talk about later. Right now, we want all of you to join us giving a big hand to Jouni for having the balls to act before it’s too late. This is courage, folks. 👊🤘

A new guy on the stick.

Hey, people! You know who this is??? Say hi to Sami Lehtonen, our new guitarist!!! Sami has played in several bands before Khiral, has a twisted sense of humour and as you can see, a respectfully sized bicep. 💪 So he fits in like front hair on a pig. Big hand, folks!!! 🤘

Lineup change

We have an announcement to give you. 03.11.2018 we threw our last gig with our guitarist and founding member Matti ‘Masa’ Hämäläinen. Masa has been with Khiral all the way from the beginning since 2008, and will now step down from his post to continue with new challenges in his life.

This is life. There’s no bad blood, and we will remain good friends. Khiral will continue forward and a new guitarist will be introduced when time is right.

We want to thank Matti for all his work, contribution and dedication to Khiral, all the gigs we’ve played with him and all those fine moments we’ve had and wish him a prosperous journey.
Big hand, people!!!! 🤘👊